An ongoing survey to be published in 2022

Corporate Reputation of Pharma 2021

The corporate reputation of pharma from the perspective of patients

An annual survey of thousands of patient groups worldwide – now in its 11th year

Few studies, like that of PatientView’s, explore the opinions of patient groups worldwide on whether, pharma meets their expectations (and, if not, how might the industry, and individual pharma companies, improve: that is their corporate reputation from a patient perspective. 

Patient groups are uniquely positioned to comment on the pharma industry’s performance during the pandemic, as these patient organisations not only understand the perceptions of patients, but are also the only stakeholder to network with ALL other stakeholders in the healthcare system.

About this latest survey on pharma’s performance in 2021

From 1st November 2021 to 1st March March 2022, PatientView will be asking patient groups around the world to comment on the reputation of the pharmaceutical industry. The results will be published shortly in April 2022.

As before the pharma industry and 47 companies are being assessed for their performance at various indicators from the perspective of patient groups. Since the Covid-19 pandemic continues to influence patient and patient group thinking about pharma, and questions on the subject are included in the 2021 survey (as in 2020).

Message to patient groups: PatientView’s annual survey on the Corporate Reputation of Pharma provides your organisation an opportunity to have your voices heard, and share your feedback on whether you think pharma has met  your needs and expectations. If the answer is no, there is an opportunity to influence how the industry and individual companies could improve.

How can this help your patient group?: Many pharma companies are finally beginning to build their strategies around patients, and the feedback you provide influences their approach. As they carefully track the results from PatientView’s annual corporate-reputation surveys, your real-world insights make a true difference in enabling them to help you.

Patient groups wishing take part on the Corporate Reputation Survey for 2021

Questionnaires for 2021

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