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Corporate Reputation of Pharma 2023/2024

Based on the feedback of thousands of patient groups worldwide, these analyses provide invaluable insights into how pharma companies are perceived by patient groups and how they can improve.

Latest analyses

Pharma and ESG: the Patient Perspective

PatientView has published its latest report in November 2023, giving pharma companies important and impactful patient group insight into Environmental, Social and Governance issues across healthcare.

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Patient groups in healthcare

An essential stakeholder?

PatientView has been assessing the potency and impact of patient groups in their fields of activity for over a decade. This analysis, in 2024, looks at the question: Whether, in 2024, patient groups are seen as an essential part of healthcare?

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Bespoke Research Projects

PatientView undertakes research for various clients including patient groups, industry and regulators.

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Using patients insights to move the industry forward

“Patients’ health always comes first, and which is why working with patient representatives as equal partners helps us to better understand and speak with one voice regarding the needs of patient communities as well as drive patient-centric innovations across our organization. Your insights and feedback from the PatientView survey truly help us to focus on areas that we can improve on to enable us to become better partners in your future.”

Eva Bretschneider, Head, Patient Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement, Bayer AG

“Building trust is essential to our partnerships with the communities we serve. PatientView helps us to understand the opinions of those we work alongside and how we can move closer to becoming a trusted partner. We know that we need to listen and learn and walk this journey together.

The insights generated are also critical for patient communities, allowing them to make informed decisions about which companies to collaborate with in order to improve the well-being of their communities.”

Alex Kalomparis, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Gilead

“The voice of the patient is the driving force in everything we do at Horizon. PatientView’s study has provided us with valuable information around what is most important to patient groups and how Horizon can most effectively support them.

This study gives us a better understanding of what we are doing well and where we can improve as we work to address the needs of people impacted by rare, autoimmune and severe inflammatory diseases.”

Matt Flesch, Vice President, Communications and Patient Advocacy, Horizon Therapeutics / Amgen

"At Pfizer, our purpose is focused on patients: breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. As Pfizer’s Vice President of Patient Advocacy, my role is to ensure that the patient voice is embedded at the core of everything we do and our colleagues around the world work hand in hand with patients, caregivers, and patient advocacy groups to meet the needs of patients everywhere, every day.

Your participation in the PatientView survey will help us better serve the needs of patients and advance our shared goal of helping our communities live longer, healthier and more productive lives."

Emma Andrews, Vice President Patient Advocacy, Pfizer
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What we do

We work with one of the most important forces in healthcare: the Patient Movement.

PatientView undertakes regular evidence-based research into the different perspectives of patient organisations around the world on a range of issues. PatientView’s reach among these patient organisations is unique, with as many as 40,000 such groups in our informal network.

Patient organisations are in a unique position to provide valuable insights since they are the only stakeholder to interact across every aspect of the healthcare system: from regulators, physicians, healthcare providers, healthcare payers, and of course patients. Patient organisations hold strong views not only about the experiences and needs of patients with whom they are familiar, but on their country’s healthcare policies and systems, the value of technologies (including digital and mobile), and even the reputational status of the various agencies that make healthcare. Across our 20 year history, PatientView has collated evidence-based feedback on all these important subjects. Today, our most high-profile product concerns the corporate reputation of the pharmaceutical industry (from the perspective of patient groups). The product helps pharma develop and improve their strategies to build robust relationships with their ultimate customers, patients - and of course patient groups.

Featured report

What Companies Say

Alongside PatientView's 2023/24 annual survey, pharma provided their own perspectives on patient-group relationships — based on their own experiences, and with their own case studies — as part of this new report.

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