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Why should patients work with PatientView?

Make your voice heard: A platform for patient advocacy

Patient and carers groups, including civil society and non-governmental organisations, play a pivotal and invaluable role in improving patient outcomes and driving meaningful change within healthcare systems and the pharmaceutical industry.

For more than two decades, PatientView has been building and strengthening relationships with patient groups across the globe, to amplify your voice. We do this through three patient group-led initiatives designed to bring the priorities of your community to the attention of pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare stakeholders.

Improve your relations with pharma

Through surveying 2,000+ patient groups, PatientView seeks to bridge the gap between patients and the pharmaceutical industry by understanding what matters most to those most important to them.

For a patient summary of our latest 2023/4 survey on the “Corporate Reputation of Pharma, in your language, from the patient perspective” CLICK HERE

Drive pharma’s ESG Initiatives



Effective Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies are of growing importance for the pharma industry.

Every year, PatientView seeks to gain consensus from patient groups on how to help the pharma industry perform better against metrics/standards relevant to patients.



Get the support you need: Patient groups in healthcare

Help the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare stakeholders understand you. This year PatientView asks the question: Are patient groups an essential stakeholder in healthcare? The survey runs between May-July 2024.

Our study track historic trends, identify strengths and weaknesses of patient groups across different countries and therapy areas, and empower you with data-driven strategies to enhance your impact.

For access to the survey in your language CLICK HERE

Why get involved?

Two case studies

Patient group funding during the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many patient groups found themselves unable to deliver on some commitments due widespread restrictions enforced by their governments. This led some in industry to request, for compliance, reimbursement of funds during a time where patient groups were already struggling financially. As a result of PatientView’s 2020 and 2021 surveys, those pharma companies that had implemented such a policy realised that their reputations had fallen significantly, leading the companies in question to introduce new policies to ensure that future patient groups facing unprecedented challenges would not be financially penalised.


Targeted support for patient group social media communications from the pharma industry


When a PatientView study found that mental health patient groups needed help to ensure they were communicating effectively on social media.

One pharma company acted on this information to provide support for patient groups to disseminate their key messages.



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