How we work with patient groups

PatientView firmly believes that the views of patient groups should be considered in all important healthcare decisions and play an important role in ensuring patients’ voices are heard by the pharmaceutical industry.

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We are working to build bridges worldwide between patients and healthcare, providing patient groups with a voice and a platform while helping companies to understand patient insights and how to use them to react to and improve on issues.

Over the last 20 years, we have developed and maintained relationships with patient advocacy groups across most therapy areas and in almost every country worldwide.

PatientView’s owned studies are conducted entirely independently, so no pharmaceutical funding is involved. PatientView funds these whole exercises by selling our products to industry (including to leading pharma companies), to governments, and to national and international drug-regulatory bodies.

Patient groups and health campaigners can have their voices and opinions heard directly by pharma by taking part in our annual surveys which are fully anonymised. Read about our research below:

The Corporate Reputation of Pharma 

Each year from November to February we invite thousands of Patient Groups to take our survey on The Corporate Reputation of Pharma. This is an opportunity for patient groups to have their voices heard, and share if pharma has met their needs and expectations. If the answer is no, there is an opportunity to influence how the industry and individual companies could improve.

How can this help your patient group?

Many pharma companies are finally beginning to build their strategies around patients, and the feedback you provide influences their approach. As they carefully track the results from PatientView’s annual corporate-reputation surveys, your real-world insights make a true difference in enabling them to help you.

Patient groups wishing take part on the Corporate Reputation Survey for 2021

Please click on the link below where you will find invitations and survey links in 21 languages

Questionnaires for 2021

You can also contact to find out more before taking the survey. 

Being Patient-Centric

PatientView promotes patient engagement and the concept of patient centricity within pharma and healthcare. During the pandemic, we spoke to 1,589 patient groups worldwide and used the insights to propose a new business model for patient centricity from 2022 onwards.

Our report, ‘Being Patient-Centric after a Pandemic’ is now in the hands of some of our biggest pharma customers and industry leaders are listening to patient group feedback on some of the most important areas of pharma.

Supporting patient groups with #PAGC19

During the pandemic, PatientView launched #PAGC19 on Twitter and encouraged patient groups to adopt the hashtag in any of their tweets about Covid-19.

Patients have had difficulty finding healthcare information on Covid-19 that is both relevant to their needs, and trustworthy. Fortunately, patient groups comprise a powerful and responsible source of tailored support and information for people living with a disease condition.

We thought it might be useful if we used our network to track the needs and actions of groups as they adapt to the demands of Covid-19 by collating the various communications and tweets under the hashtag #PAGC19.

After two years of collating the support and information offered by patient groups during the pandemic, we plan to catalogue these and produce a resource that captures a moment in time for the patient movement.