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Introducing PatientView’s new guide for pharma: Being Patient centric after a pandemic

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Overview + 9 indicators of ‘Being Patient Centric’ analysed, £6,500


Patient-group experiences during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic

Overall results are provided on purchase of either report below


Overall results from 1,720 respondent patient-groups with Case studies £6,500
Comparing the answers of patient groups from different therapy areas £6,500
Comparing the answers of patient groups from different countries and regions £6,500

If you purchase two reports the cost will be £10,000

If you purchase three reports the cost will be £12,000


Corporate reputation of pharma: Patient perspectives

9 years of historical data

  • Consistent indexing of individual companies
  • Questions defined by patients first
  • Global, regional and therapeutic analyses (16 datacuts)
  • Opportunities to commission further deep dive into the data

Prices 2020-2021

Individual report £7,500
Subscription to all reports £23,000
Special package on request

All licences are global

Bring patient -centric

Evidence-based self-evaluation toolkit

  • Patient centricity defined by patients
  • Structured framework aligned to pharma operations
  • Self-assessments, each with circa 100-150 questions
  • Deep-dives within specific topics

Prices 2020-2021

Patient Engagement in R&D (USA) £7,500
Patient Engagement in R&D (GLOBAL) £7,500
Drug Treatment Information £7,500
Discounts: Buy 2 £12,000

Patient-group relations

Insights for effective patient relations

  • Mapping the patient movement
  • Identifies areas for focused research
  • Supports targeted investment
  • Can be tailored to identify local/geographic and therapeutic needs

Prices, 2020

17 therapy areas analysed £6,000
21 country analyses £6,000
Discounts: Buy 2 £9,000

Global Review of the Patient Movement 2012-2018 free with any purchase


Why PatientView?

  • Knowledge of the patient movement
  • Researching patient groups since 2000
  • Permission-based database of 40,000 patient groups worldwide
  • Surveys conducted in 20 languages

Why Patient Groups?

  • Experts in patients’ concerns across multiple disease areas
  • Knowledge of patients’ issues at a country/local level
  • Knowledge of pharmaceutical-industry issues and challenges
  • Advocates for better healthcare
  • Instrumental in shaping care and raising awareness
  • Strong governance and ethics, reliable data