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Corporate Reputation of Pharma 2023/2024

The 2023/2024 Corporate Reputation of Pharma report is based on the feedback of over 2500+ patient groups worldwide. This report provides invaluable insights into how pharma companies are perceived (and ranked) by patient groups and how they can improve.


The complete package is delivered as 17 reports. All reports are available on a global licence, which can be circulated to all of a company’s full-time employees:



Supplementary reports, products, and services

  • Bespoke PowerPoint decks: Any, or all, of the 17 off-the-shelf reports—with the data bespoke tailored to your company, presented inthe form of a PowerPoint.
  • ‘Moving Forward’ series of reports: Focuses on the feedback received from your company’s patient-group partners. Feedback is categorised, to enable the development of strategic corporate priorities, moving forward.
  • Full set of your company’s KPIs: Measures your company’s scores, in relation to those of the top-performing company. Company KPIs are calculated for each of the corporate-reputation indicators drawn from the off-the-shelf products purchased by your company, and show where your company sits on a spectrum of 0-100%.
  • Bespoke reports: Additional analyses of the ‘Corporate Reputation of Pharma’ dataset, on request—with the data bespoke tailored to your company.
  • Sharing reports with 3rd parties: PatientView holds the copyright of the data contained in all of its reports/PowerPoints. If your company wishes to share the reports with a 3rd party (such as an agency), you can do so on request, at an extra cost.

All prices in £ Sterling/GBP


Additional report costs:


  • PowerPoint decks – GBP 1,000 per report
  • ‘Moving Forward’ –  GBP 12,000 – ‘Moving Forward analyses feedback from all of your company’s respondent patient-group partners, to define their priorities (which is then compared with the priorities of the total body of respondents).
    • Extra analyses (e.g. feedback from your patient-group partners in the USA only) costs an additional £500 per dataset.
  • Bespoke reports – GBP 7,000 per dataset
  • KPIs –  GBP 500 per report
  • Sharing with 3rd parties – GBP 500 per report




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    Why PatientView?

    • Knowledge of the patient movement
    • Researching patient groups since 2000
    • Permission-based database of 40,000 patient groups worldwide
    • Surveys conducted in 20 languages

    Why Patient Groups?

    • Experts in patients’ concerns across multiple disease areas
    • Knowledge of patients’ issues at a country/local level
    • Knowledge of pharmaceutical-industry issues and challenges
    • Advocates for better healthcare
    • Instrumental in shaping care and raising awareness
    • Strong governance and ethics, reliable data


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