“Tackling the challenges of getting a timely diagnosis for Alzheimer’s disease” – Novo Nordisk

Patients with Alzheimer’s disease (and other forms of dementia) face many challenges in getting the right level of support—as do their carers and families. Such support, however, can only be provided on diagnosis, which can make a huge difference to a person’s eventual quality of life, but is too often missed.

As the incidence of dementia rises exponentially worldwide, alongside the burden of care, PatientView, with sponsorship from Novo Nordisk, decided to explore the factors that prevent timely diagnosis and what could enable it, by holding an international interactive webinar on February 21st 2022. Four experts, with different areas of expertise, were invited to share their views with 17 representatives of carer/patient advocacy groups from 10 different countries

PatientView’s tailored research project, “Tackling the challenges of getting a timely diagnosis for Alzheimer’s disease”, and accompanying resources have been released into the public domain without copyright, to support patient-advocacy groups that have an interest in the field of Alzheimer’s.

Watch the webinar or download the report.

Challenges in attaining timely diagnosis