Why we do it

PatientView is a UK-based research, publishing, and consultancy group, created out of a belief that the views of patients should be considered in all important healthcare decisions (whether a new healthcare product is being developed, or whether a government is instituting changes to a health system). The organisation was formed in response to the emerging powerful new global patient movement. PatientView has worked to build bridges worldwide with the health NGOs that comprise the patient movement—to help define and support one of the most important factors changing healthcare in the 21st century.

How we do it

Our products and services rely on the participation of patient groups. PatientView has a powerful reach, with listings of some 40,000 patient groups worldwide, from most therapy areas, and almost every country worldwide

For over 10 years we have built up a trusted relationship that allows us to conduct telephone interviews and online questionnaires, to senior managers in each organisation. We work in over 20 languages to ensure we accurately represent the views of all countries’ groups including the very important verbatim quotes that provide additional context.

We aim to provide consistent data sets so that historic datasets are possible.