PatientView’s Corporate Reputation of Pharma Report 2023/2024

PatientView provides the pharmaceutical industry with unique knowledge, tools and mechanisms needed to bridge the gap between patients and industry

■ Two decades of experience
■ Independent research
■ Database of 40,000 patient groups worldwide
■ Working in 23 languages
■ Analyses based on geographic regions and therapy areas
■ Feedback from 2400+ patient groups in 2024; a record number
■ An extensive evidence base of patient-group views
■ Identifying strategic actions for individual companies

This year, PatientView received a record 2,500+ survey responses from patient groups across the world.

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Three products that turn patient-group views into strategic action:


How do I rank against my peers?

✓ Provides rankings of your company, to identify how it compares with your peers in different countries and therapy areas (current and historic data from patient groups familiar, and which work, with your company).



What are my strengths—and where do I need to improve?
✓ Identifies your company’s strengths, and its areas for improvement, across different countries and therapy areas—at a glance.

See at a glance how your KPIS compare, across therapy areas and geographic regions:



What do your patient-group partners recommend that you improve?
✓ Categorisation of your patient-group partners’ qualitative feedback, to advise on strategic direction—ranked and defined

2 out of 50+ categories: definitions

Bring patient perspectives into the company
Build structures and processes, to bring representative (and diverse) patients’ views into the company—regularly, routinely, and over the long term. For example: fund sustained, ongoing patient panels, rather than ad-hoc boards.

Be transparent
Patient groups expect a high degree of transparency from companies—often beyond the minimum set by national legislation, or mandated by national industry-body standards. Patient groups can be interested in many aspects of a company, including:
■ how the company ensures product quality
■ the length of the company’s supply chains
■ its pipelines: and
■ its business strategy — the values of that strategy, and the results of the strategy

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