In ‘Being Patient-Centric after a Pandemic’, 1,589 patient groups worldwide propose a new business model for patient centricity for 2022 onwards.

In this research, you will find:

  • The key forces of change brought on by the pandemic that pharmaceutical companies must understand and embrace to be truly patient-centric.
  • The updated nine indicators of patient centricity, revised by PatientView after hearing from patient groups all over the world that the landscape has changed dramatically and permanently.
  • The future foundations required to realign companies’ activities on ‘Being Patient-Centric’, post Covid-19.
  • The evidence base for the conclusions drawn.
  • Key questions to help companies put into action (and future proof) their ‘Being Patient-Centric’ model for 2022 onwards

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Download the slides for the Being Patient-Centric trailer.

What else will you get?

PatientView has built and maintained strong relationships with patient groups worldwide. PatientView has unmatched expertise in, and access to, patient needs, views and insights, after spending the last 20 years working to bridge patient voices with those in the industry.

Having the research in your hands, PatientView can support pharmaceutical to find the relevance and meaning specific to each company. Driven by these insights, PatientView can help companies define new patient-centric routes to positive change.

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