Supporting with toolkits

Patient groups’ recommendations on how companies can become patient-centric provided in the form of guidance toolkits.

Pharmaceutical companies have widely adopted a new goal: to be patient-centric. Patient insights, they believe, should turn them into better companies, and better positioned to address the real needs patients have. The problem is the business of pharma is complex, and hard to understand. Plus—patients are far removed from pharma’s internal processes. Patient organisations, by contrast, are well placed to help pharma companies since they interact regularly with industry. Patient groups are also able to articulate patients’ own concerns and needs in a manner meaningful to all of the business functions of pharma – from the beginning to the end, of a product’s lifetime.

By surveying patient groups worldwide PatientView offers irreplicable patient insights across countries and disease areas so customers can drive change in their organisation to become more patient-centric and gain business advantages from this.   

The updated 2021 edition

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the gameplay on being patient centric, according to the patient community

1,589 patient groups propose a new business model for patient centricity post-pandemic – a new guide from PatientView

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The original 2017 edition

Published in 2017, PATIENTVIEW’S 1st BEING PATIENT – CENTRIC (BPC) TOOLKIT drew on its large, relevant data collection – feedback from patient groups worldwide. The result is an evidence-based patient-centricity toolkit, incorporating action planning on the adoption of patient centricity. To PatientView’s knowledge, no similar practical tool exists to support the industry’s quest for patient centricity. Since 2017 the following deep-dives have been produced to supplement the BPC Toolkit:

  • In November 2020, PatientView is due to launch BEING PATIENT CENTRIC IN A PANDEMIC