PatientView & Pharma

PatientView provides the pharmaceutical industry with unique knowledge, tools and mechanisms needed to bridge the gap between patients and industry

■ Two decades of experience
■ Independent research
■ Database of 40,000 patient groups worldwide
■ Working in 23 languages
■ Analyses based on geographic regions and therapy areas
■ Feedback from 2400+ patient groups in 2024; a record number
■ An extensive evidence base of patient-group views
■ Identifying strategic actions for individual companies
■ This year, PatientView received a record 2,500+ survey responses from patient groups across the world.


The views of patients and patient groups are becoming more central to every action that pharmaceutical companies take—from selecting which treatments address patients’ unmet needs, to co-creating user-friendly patient information. Patients and patient groups accordingly need a platform to share their opinions on the pharmaceutical industry, and to offer up their ideas about how individual pharmaceutical companies can improve.


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