December 2022:

PatientView’s Corporate Reputation of Pharma survey is now open for patient group participation, as it enters its 12th year of publication. The final survey report, including patient feedback and insights from thousands of patient groups, is used globally by pharma companies to ensure their processes, strategies and treatments are as patient-centric as possible.

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2021 Reporting Summary

Last year’s Corporate Reputation saw 2,150 patient groups from across the world provide valuable insight and feedback on pharmaceutical companies, and the pharma industry as a whole.

The main report included some headline figures – 76% of surveyed patient groups believed pharma to be “Very Effective” or “Effective” at providing support to patients during the Covid-19 pandemic, which represented a significant increase from 2020. Patient advocacy groups also placed the pharmaceutical industry ahead of all other healthcare stakeholders for corporate reputation, for the first time in the 11 years that PatientView has been tracking the pharma industry’s reputation from the patient perspective.

Alongside the main report, PatientView released additional reports that focused on specific disease groups and geographic regions.

This included a unique report on the Asia Pacific region, spotlighting the views and opinions of 300 Asian patient groups to highlight the regional differences in the pharma industry. This included the vital issue of treatment costs, with just 16% of 2021’s patient groups in the region stating that the industry was “Excellent” or “Good” at having fair pricing policies (versus 17% in 2020).

Similarly, in the specialised Cancer Edition of the 2021 report, surveyed patient groups highlighted several key areas where the pharma industry could provide more, or better, support for patients with cancer. This included their involvement in R&D, access to new medicines and the growing need for real-world evidence (RWE), especially relating to the tolerability and side effects of cancer medicines. In line with results from other disease areas, cancer groups expressed the wish that pharma companies would include, and involve, a broader and more inclusive pool of patients in clinical research programmes.

You can find all the press releases from 2021 reports here.

 Methodology Changes

PatientView released the last Corporate Reputation survey report from 2021 in November, and is now turning its focus to the 2022 survey and the patient insights needed to form a collective assessment of the pharma industry.

Patient group perspectives have become increasingly relevant to regulators that demand patient input into trial design and conduct (as well as into the evaluation of clinical outcomes). At the same time, many patient groups are also familiar with the complexities of pharma’s business.

With this in mind, we have decided to update the survey methodology for 2022 with a few key changes:

  • Although the Covid-19 pandemic continues to influence the healthcare landscape, the more-pressing, long-term, pre-Covid needs of patients have returned to the forefront in 2022—hence, we have removed the 2021 ‘Corporate Reputation’ survey’s question on ‘company support for patients during the pandemic’, to add emphasis to the importance of the remaining indicators.
  • One of the survey’s 2022 additions reflecting the new perspectives of patient groups, post pandemic, is the subject of ‘gaining access to medicines’—whether this be addressing drug shortages; continued access to treatment, post-clinical trial; or negotiating reimbursements with regulatory agencies to ensure that novel medicines reach patients.
  • Increasingly, companies are also seeking to develop more-extensive measures to determine the quality of their relationships with patient organisations—which is why we have expanded the ‘patient-relations’ element of the questionnaire to accommodate this need.

More information about methodology for 2022 can be found here.

To take part in this year’s survey, and to give your patient group a voice in the pharma industry, fill out the questionnaire here.