Corporate Reputation of Pharma Survey 2022

Give your patients a platform to voice their opinions to the pharma industry.

PatientView has now launched its annual ‘Corporate Reputation of Pharma’ survey, which is in its 12th year. This survey is unique in that it is independently run. No pharmaceutical sponsorship is involved. 

  • To take part in the survey, please click on the following link to find the survey in your language: LINK []

A bit of background

Each year, thousands of health campaigners share their perspectives on how industry and individual pharma companies have performed during the last 12 months.The survey gives health campaigners a platform to raise crucial issues in patient treatment and care. Patient groups are ideally positioned to hold such valuable insights, as they are a healthcare stakeholder that networks with all of the other stakeholders in the healthcare system. This is why we would like to hear your opinions on the subject: whether, in 2022, pharma has met your expectations—and, if not, how might the industry, and individual pharma companies, improve at providing support and help to patients and patient groups?


Patient group Q&As about this survey?

  • How is the research funded? The research is funded by selling the final reports (once the survey is complete) to industry, to governments, and to national and international drug-regulatory bodies.
  • How much time will it take to complete the survey? The survey will probably take about 15 minutes to complete.
  • Are my responses confidential? The survey’s questionnaire is being carried on a specialist survey website, so allowing all responses to be completely anonymous (even Patientview cannot tell who has responded unless you choose to tell us who you are). Some patient groups that participate are happy for their organisation’s name to be  published in the final report (which also helps us to improve our analyses of the amalgamate data). Whether you would like to be anonymous or attributed, please leave your contact details at the end of the survey if you wish to receive your copy of the survey results (be assured that only PatientView will get to see these contact details).
  • Which companies are being reviewed? This year we are looking at 42 companies: AbbVie I Amgen I Astellas Pharma I AstraZeneca (including Alexion) I Bayer I Biogen I Biomarin I Boehringer Ingelheim I Bristol Myers Squibb I Chiesi Farmaceutici (including Chiesi GRD) I CSL Behring I Daiichi Sankyo I Eisai I Eli Lilly I Ferring I Gilead Sciences (including Kite Pharma) I Grifols I Grünenthal I GSK I Horizon Therapeutics I Ipsen I Janssen I LEO Pharma I Lundbeck I Menarini I Merck & Co/MSD I Merck KGaA/EMD Serono I Novartis I Novo Nordisk I Octapharma I Otsuka I Pfizer I Pierre Fabre I PTC Therapeutics I Roche/Genentech/Chugai I Sanofi I Sarepta Therapeutics I Servier I Takeda I UCB I Vertex I ViiV Healthcare
  • When does the survey close? The survey closes on March 1st 2023. However, to be sure we receive your response in time, we would be grateful if you could provide your feedback as soon as possible.
  • How do my insights help improve health outcomes for the patients we are familiar with? Many pharma companies are now building their strategies around patients, and the feedback you provide influences their approach. As they carefully track the results from PatientView’s annual corporate-reputation surveys, your real-world insights make a true difference in enabling them to help you.
  • What other benefits does my organisation get from completing this survey? PatientView cannot pay fees to you for your involvement, since payment might influence feedback. However, PatientView will send you a full copy of the final results (if you wish). Publication of the series of reports resulting from the survey is due to begin in April 2023. Included in the series are separate analyses of the opinions of patient groups from different countries and different therapy areas.

PatientView has also updated the survey methodology for the 2022-2023 survey. Read about the changes, and full methodology, here.